We pride ourselves on re-introducing some of the old rural crafts and skills back into modern life.  Here at Shaw Wood we feel passionate about passing on these traditions to a new generation.  We can accommodate small groups and linking in with some of our like-minded organizations, can offer a selection of courses to suit.

We can offer courses such as:

Didgeridoo Making

This is generally a 2-3 day course learning how to make your own Didgeridoo.


Learn how to manage your own hedge using the traditional art of ‘Devon’ style hedgelaying (seasonal only).

Fruit Tree Pruning

Learn how to maintain your fruit trees and orchards (seasonal only)

Charcoal Making

This is a 2 day course and may incur an overnight stay.  Learn how to make your own charcoal (wood supply dependent).

Green Woodworking

Learn how to make wooden spoons, tables, stools, mallets and more. Our courses are suitable for those aged 16 and over due to the tools used. If you have another course in mind please contact us to discuss your options and details of course prices.

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